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In addition to having the only fully integrated assessment, course management and portfolio system, Mentor provides several additional components to support academic reporting needs.

First, Mentor has a full faculty activity reporting system. Built on a full bibliographic database, the faculty activity reporting system handles publications of all kinds, conference presentations, invited lectures and seminars, artistic expressions, grants, honors, awards and educational experiences. In addition, Mentor is set up to track committee service and other affiliations faculty may have. Mentor can also integrate teaching enrollment data from the client student information system and provides fields for faculty to add reflections on their teaching on a per term basis. All of this gets rolled into a seamless reporting scheme: Mentor can generate annual reports on the calendar or academic year, 2-3 year reports, and a full CV. And, department chairs and deans can access these reports directly. In addition, we have integrated the faculty activity reporting database with Mentor portfolios so faculty can leverage all that information and with a few mouse clicks, link to their publications and other activities as part of their own portfolios.

Second, Mentor includes a full document management system (DMS). This system provides the client institution and all its members with a long term repository for documents of all kinds, from meeting minutes to policies and reports. They can all be organized in the DMS in a flexible directory structure that the client institution defines. The DMS supports full version control with rollback capability, full text indexing and search capability, and a flexible structure for assigning administrative privileges on specific directories. Thus, each school, division or office can manage its own files, and the directory administrator can also limit access on any directory to a specified list of users. The DMS is an ideal venue for constructing an electronic workroom for an accreditation visiting team. We have a special visiting team function in the Mentor portfolio that allows the portfolio to link into the DMS and give the portfolio readers access to the electronic workroom. Thus, the visiting website is a portfolio you design. You can post links, files and of course the accreditation report. You can embed links to the DMS files in the report itself and you can provide your visiting team members with direct access to your electronic workroom through the portfolio itself.

Third, Mentor includes a full online Institutional Review Board (IRB) system to manage the process of IRB review of research protocols involving human subjects. Investigators submit their protocols electronically and can include multiple supporting files. The IRB members can review the protocols and exchange comments. There is provision for assigning specific reviewers to protocols and you can even enable student submission of protocols as well. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the IRB system is the meeting agenda: you set a meeting date and Mentor automatically creates a meeting agenda, pulling in the protocols that are not yet approved according to their category (exemption, expedited review, full board review, etc.). And, we have even integrated the IRB system with the faculty activity reporting system: approved protocols will automatically appear on a faculty member’s annual report.

These are some of the main Mentor components.  There are more to come, but coupled together with the assessment, course management and portfolio systems, Mentor makes for a powerful one-stop, integrated online platform. Use one component or use them all!

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